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Central Delaware Speech-Language Pathology (CDSLP) is a therapist owned outpatient therapy clinic specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of speech-language disorders in the pediatric and specialty populations. In addition to offering speech-language services, we also offer feeding therapy, occupational therapy, social skills training, and Alternative/Augmentative Communication (AAC) evaluations and treatment services.  The company became an official corporation in 2008, and was developed to provide the highest quality services and most convenient evaluation and treatment options for local families.


CDSLP is committed to offering clients and their families individually tailored services to meet all therapeutic needs. This includes comprehensive evaluations, fun, engaging, and results-oriented treatment sessions, and supportive guidance for parents to encourage carryover of learned skills. The facility also offers ongoing informational seminars conducted by respected local professionals, social networking opportunities for parents and families, and frequent organized “fun events” for our clients.


Our office features a child-friendly and welcoming reception area, knowledgeable and helpful staff, and the area’s best therapists. In addition, our facility is equipped with specially designed therapy rooms that feature one-way mirrored observation windows for parents to observe treatment sessions. We offer teletherapy sessions as requested and appropriate. Every aspect of CDSLP was designed to promote excellent results and to create comfort and ease for our children and their families.


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