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Happy First Day of School!

Happy first day of school to many children across the state! No doubt, the first day of school looks different than it has previously. Remote learning is an adjustment, not only for the children but for parents and teachers too. We would like to share some helpful tips!

1. Create a daily plan. A daily plan will provide a visual of what the daily schedule will look like and what is expected from the parent and child (i.e. to-do lists).

2. Begin the day with yoga. At least 20 minutes a day of yoga provides mental and physical relaxation. Incorporating yoga into your child's schedule helps teach them to be calm, gain body awareness, self control, breathing techniques and discipline. It also helps build concentration, confidence, improving posture (important when sitting at a computer!), managing stress, and encouraging positive behaviors. This is great for parents too!

3. Encourage growth! Your child may struggle with the quickly changing learning techniques that come with virtual school. Its important to empower your child to see learning as something they have control of and to embrace their curiosity. Emphasize critical thinking and learning literacy skills!

4. Help them find motivation. Help your child "want" to learn! Visual markers to display progress are a wonderful technique for your child to stay motivated to reach their goals. If you are unsure on how to keep your child motivated, utilize your resources! Teachers and support staff can provide additional tips to support remote instruction.


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